The Flying Tigers Radio Control Model Aircraft Club is an AMA Chartered Club. AMA Number 1082

Located in the

Westwinds Metropark

What You Need BEFORE you Fly at the Field

Park Permit

The Toledo Area Metroparks unmanned aircraft permit application can be downloaded from their website at this link:  Park Permit

FAA UAS Registration

The Metropark requires the FAA unmanned aircraft systems registration to be completed. You can get it at this link: FAA UAS Registration  

If you are already registered Log in here

AMA Membership

AMA membership is required to fly at the field. It provides the liability insurance coverage if something goes wrong. You can apply at this link: Join AMA

TFTRC Field Rules

You are required to read and understand the field rules before you can fly at the Westwinds field. You can find them at this link: Field Rules

Call TOL Tower Before Flying

You MUST call the Toledo Express Tower before and after flying at the Westwinds Field. Call 419-865-6901 or 419-865-6686 to request “Active” status. Then the last flyer calls to change to “Not active” status.

Why Join the Flying Tigers?

Some of the many benefits the Toledo Flying Tigers provide are training, public demostrations, picnics, float flys, night flys, fun flys, etc. The lawn maintenance at Westwinds Metroparks is paid for by the Flying Tigers membership dues. Our meetings are held in the Reception Hall of the Bunker Grill at 1950 South Eber Road, at 7:00 PM on the first Thursday of each month. Prospective members and guests are welcome to attend. All current members are encouraged to attend. These are held so that the members can stay informed about what’s happening in the club. They’re also a forum to ask questions and express opinions. Application: Flying Tigers App    Contact Us:  Email

Our Mission Statement